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Bring Kindness to Your Organization…
Donna is available to speak at your conference or meeting. Below is a list of her Kindness programs. Each is available as a keynote, a breakout session or workshop. Whatever program you choose will be customized to your audience, your organization, and your event.

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Recommended Keynotes (30-60 minutes)

Keynotes are customized to your organization and your audience. Here’s a sampling of what they might look like:

The Business Case for Kindness

woman-class-pencilIncreasingly, kindness—once considered a “soft” skill—is being recognized as a “super-power” that improves health, wealth and happiness, and is essential to organizational success. In the workplace, kindness increases productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction. It boosts employee loyalty and retention. As workplaces have evolved, interpersonal and self-management skills are now recognized as vital to personal and professional success. Kindness is central to these skills. It has also been proven to enhance relationships, relieve stress, and provide significant health benefits. No matter your role in your organization, kindness is the leadership quality that will help you increase personal, professional, and organizational success and satisfaction in countless ways.

An Epidemic of Our Choosing

It’s been proven that both unkindness and kindness are contagious behaviors. They spread like a cold or the flu. Armed with this knowledge, we have the power to choose what behaviors we want to multiply and which we want to discourage. This session offers a toolbox of skills and strategies for encouraging kindness and countering unkindness. Attendees will recognize barriers to kindness and learn to implement actions that promote and generate kindness. They’ll also explore the motives and roots of unkind behavior and learn simple (though not necessarily easy!) strategies for neutralizing them.

Recommended Breakouts/Workshops (60-120 minutes)

Workshops are customized to your organization and your audience. Participants have ample opportunity to discuss the content, apply it to their needs and interests, and interact with one another. Here’s a sampling of what your workshop might look like:

Kindness: The Super-Power That Will Enrich Your Life and Increase Your Business Success

people-meeting-business-classroomIn our current climate of incivility, kindness is more important than ever. If you want to help counter bad behavior and make kindness the norm in our civic, social, political and business environments, this workshop is for you. We’ll explore the damage and costs of unkindness and the myriad benefits of kindness: health benefits, wealth benefits, business success and profitability, improved relationships, and greater life satisfaction. We’ll look at the barriers to kindness—fear, time, indifference, apathy, judgment, keeping score—and strategies for overcoming them. Attendees will leave with practical tools and skills for bringing more kindness into their personal lives, business and social interactions, and the organizations they are a part of. They’ll also gain an understanding of the roots of unkindness and incivility and how to counter those negative behaviors.

Building a Kind Culture

Workplace cultures that are kind have been shown to have higher productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction. Employees are more likely to stay and they are more loyal and more engaged. If your workplace culture is already kind, you will find strategies for ensuring that it stays that way and for instilling that value in your current and future employees—your best ambassadors. If there’s still a bit of work to be done to create a consistently kind culture, this session will give you the tools and understanding you need to make it happen. We’ll explore both the organizational and the individual strategies that combine to produce a successful and flourishing business—with kindness at its core. At any level or position in an organization, kindness is the leadership quality that will increase personal, professional, and organizational success and satisfaction.

Other Programs Offered by Donna Cameron

Donna has more than 30 years of experience in organization management, focusing on non-profits: trade, professional, and philanthropic organizations. She has worked with countless boards of directors, both as Executive Director and as outside consultant and facilitator. She is also available to work with your organization on strategic planning: to help you determine your mission and vision, and then create and execute a plan for your preferred future. Additionally, she works with boards and leaders to help them identify their values and increase their own individual efficacy, as well as the effectiveness of their organizations.

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