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Articles Donna has written:
Have different politics from your family? Here’s how to survive Thanksgiving” for The Washington Post
5 Tips to Make the Holidays Kinder Than Ever” for Conscious Connection
Is It a Floor Wax or a Dessert Topping?” for Women Writers, Women’s Books
Don’t Just Talk to Kids about Kindness—Model It!” for Grand Magazine
Don’t be insufferable Nov. 7 no matter the outcome. Here are 5 questions to help you.” for The Washington Post
‘Win’ or ‘lose,’ a call to radical civility and kindness” for The Seattle Times
Do You Have the Courage to Choose Kindness?” for Best Self
Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right” for Channel Kindness
One Simple Change You Can Make to Be Happier in 2019” for Meaningful Women
Where Writing and Kindness Intersect” for She Writes
Kindness is Contagious” for Elephant Journal

Articles About A Year of Living Kindly:
Washington North Coast Magazine –Kinder, Gentler
Seattle Natural Awakenings – “Donna Cameron on Her New Book, A Year of Living Kindly
The Drive Magazine – “Keeping Up With Kindness
Rose City Reader – “Author Interview: Donna Cameron
Heartfulness – “The Power of the Pause” (book excerpt)
Capital Group, Quarterly Insights, Spring 2019 – “The Benefits of Being Kind

Thrive Global Interview with Donna Cameron, July 2021

Podcasts & Radio Show:

Permission to Shift

Permission to Shift, with Anna Lang (August 2021)

Susan's Podcast

Social Skills Mastery and the Power of Kindness, Susan Callender talks to Donna Cameron (August 2021)

ZooFit Zoo-notable. PJ Beaven interviews Donna Cameron (January 2021)

On Books and People, with Mark Matteson (November 2020)

The Gentle Project Podcast: Charting Kindness in our Lives and Workplaces with Donna Cameron, Author – A Year of Living Kindly (October, 2020)

Success InSight Podcast, with Howard Fox (October, 2020) Donna Cameron, A Year of Living Kindly

Happier Made Simple

Happier Made Simple Podcast, with Randye Kaye (July, 2020) Can Kindness Help Us Be Happier?

Zestful Aging Podcast, with Nicole Christina (June, 2020) Why We Need Kindness Now

The Morning Glory Project Podcast, with Betsy Graziani Fasbinder (June, 2020) The Awesome Power of Kindness

The Joy of Life Podcast with Peter Schrappen: The Joy of Life, The Joy of Kindness, (first aired March 2020)
Coffee Table Wisdom Podcast (first aired on 10/1/19)
Authors of the Pacific Northwest Podcast (7/29/19)
You Tube: Writers of the World Panel Discussion (first aired on 4/30/19)
The One You Feed with Eric Zimmer, (4/16/19)
Homework to Happiness with Sarah Jordan (1/14/19)
She Said He Said—Interview (11/24/18)
Women’s Watch: WBZ’s Laurie Kirby speaks with Donna Cameron about the world’s most underrated superpower. (7/7/18)
Healthy Woman, KSFR, Santa Fe, with Jewel Cabeza de Vaca (9/8/18)
Healthy Woman, 2nd interview with Jewel Cabeza de Vaca (1/5/19)
Dirt in Your Skirt, with Margaret Schlachter (9/18/19)
The Kindness Podcast, with Nicole Phillips (12/21/17)
KING-TV [KING 5] Interview (9/24/18)

A Year of Living Kindly is a beautifully rendered exploration of kindness as a way of life, arriving at the right moment, with the right guide. Donna Cameron writes with humor and grace about this essential virtue. She makes it easy to follow her path–and to want to follow it.
~Sarah L. Kaufman, author of The Art of Grace and Pulitzer Prize-winning critic of The Washington Post.

“Donna Cameron’s contagious warmth, compelling stories, persuasive logic, and useful advice make this gem a joy to read.  After I finished each lovely little chapter, I understood the path to kindness a bit better, my inspiration to keep moving down that path increased, and my resolve to forgive myself and others when we slip into unkindness grew stronger.”
~Robert Sutton, Stanford Professor and bestselling author of The No Asshole Rule and The Asshole Survival Guide

“This book will absolutely light your heart on fire for kindness! In A Year of Living Kindly, Donna Cameron encourages us to suspend our spectator status and fully embrace what’s happening around us. Through collected research and her own wise observations, she generously shows us how to lead fuller lives through kindness.”
~Nicole J Phillips, author of Kindness is Contagious and host of The Kindness Podcast

“It’s irrefutable that being kind—on purpose—improves health and wellness. With fifty-two delicious, bite-sized chapters containing actionable examples that help readers weave intentional kindness into their daily lives, you can be sure A Year of Living Kindly is a book I’ll prescribe to my clients.”
~Laurie Buchanan, PhD, holistic health practitioner, life coach, and author of The Business of Being and Note to Self

“Although being kind sounds a lot like being nice, Donna Cameron shares how these two acts are very different. A Year of Living Kindly has remarkable insights on how you can increase your dose of happiness by adding kindness into your daily encounters. In most situations, it doesn’t cost a dime and yet you will feel better than ever. I’ve been inspired!”
~Linda Atwell, author of Loving Lindsey: Raising a Daughter with Special Needs, winner in the 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards and finalist in the Best Book Awards