Teens Dream: It’s Not Just for Teens

Amidst so much sadness and grief, I wanted to share this uplifting post from one of my favorite bloggers, Life in the Boomer Lane. LBL never disappoints, and today she has given us a reason to be hopeful.

Life in the Boomer Lane

The Las Vegas massacre is simply the latest onslaught to send us reeling. It seems that every day we have to face some kind of terrorism, random gun violence, war, famine, or natural disaster resulting from a climate that is reacting to our abuse of the planet.  And, on the days when we don’t have to face any of these, our own president steps in to fill the gap, armed with an astonishing array of words and actions that offend our sensibilities to a degree we never thought possible.

As boomers, we’ve seen the demise of all of the lofty goals we marched for all those years ago. It doesn’t seem possible that the boundless optimism and energy we expended then could have devolved into the mess we have today.

It would be easy to write it all off as the end of the world, except for one thing. There…

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6 thoughts on “Teens Dream: It’s Not Just for Teens

  1. Thank you for sharing, Donna!! Seems like a recurring pattern–older generations tend to focus on how younger generations are different from and not as good as themselves, and when the youngers grow up they end up making the world better. The long arc, I guess. So we can all hang on it a little longer, bending it ever more. Hang on, hang on!

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    • It does seem to be a pattern, Cathy–my parents’ generation despaired that their wild and disrespectful kids would ever amount to anything, and our generation is probably doing the same. I fear, though, that we’re giving them an awful lot to try to fix, and if we don’t help, some fixes may be impossible. Still, there are probably areas where we just need to get out of the way….

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  2. Thanks for sharing this post! It does help to be reminded of all the good that is still happening in the world. We have more power to change things for the good than we realize!

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