Teens Dream: It’s Not Just for Teens

Amidst so much sadness and grief, I wanted to share this uplifting post from one of my favorite bloggers, Life in the Boomer Lane. LBL never disappoints, and today she has given us a reason to be hopeful.

Life in the Boomer Lane

The Las Vegas massacre is simply the latest onslaught to send us reeling. It seems that every day we have to face some kind of terrorism, random gun violence, war, famine, or natural disaster resulting from a climate that is reacting to our abuse of the planet.  And, on the days when we don’t have to face any of these, our own president steps in to fill the gap, armed with an astonishing array of words and actions that offend our sensibilities to a degree we never thought possible.

As boomers, we’ve seen the demise of all of the lofty goals we marched for all those years ago. It doesn’t seem possible that the boundless optimism and energy we expended then could have devolved into the mess we have today.

It would be easy to write it all off as the end of the world, except for one thing. There…

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The Difference That a Simple Stick of Chalk Can Make – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

Amidst so much anger and violence, this is a lovely story of positive activism and hope. If just one person learns from it….

Kindness Blog

“I just saw a terrible thing,” my husband said, as he pulled up to the curb and I climbed into the passenger seat of the car.

He’d driven from the parking garage to pick me up and on the way happened to go past the mosque.

“I don’t know why, I just didn’t think to take pictures of it,” he lamented.

What my husband saw has occurred in the past at the Islāmic Center in Tucson.

The diverse congregation of the Islāmic Center—a squat, copper-domed complex just outside the University of Arizona’s campus—has endured taunts and vandalism ever since hundreds of students moved into two private high-rise apartments next door three years ago. In at least one instance, a shower of crushed peanuts rained down on the mosque; more typically, cans and bottles are flungfrom apartment balconies, usually on the party nights of Friday and Saturday.

“Can you believe…

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